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Warning – This might make you laugh loudly

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Work – getting there!

Had an 8 (ish) page report to do by wednesday. We're getting there. Been doing it since 10.30 or summat this morning and got a fair amount done. The results are so confusing tho. Everyone we've spoken to seems to have different results and they were saved from the experiment in a different way. WTF?

We think we might have it right cus the numbers are in the right places and kinda make sense. Not entirely sure which t-test to use tho so if anyone knows? Actually the likeliood of anyone knowing what I'm talkin about are pretty slim.

Hopefully I'll get a good nights sleep tonight. Havent had one for ages. It's that kinda disturbed sleep, you go to sleep late, wake up late, and still feel like you havent been properly rested when you wake up. I think its caused by watchin a dvd late at night and going to sleep with it still on. Hence I wake up and turn it off, go back to sleep, and wake up at other times in the night, trying to work out what time I've gotta be up, how long left to sleep. I was up fairly early this morning so I might be able to get myself to go to sleep at a reasonable time and stay asleep till 9.30 tomorrow. Fingers Crossed

Last Night

Went out down town with my brizzle girlies and various others. It was Vicki who works at argos’s birthday so half the argos crew were there but only the nice ones.
It was a good night overall. Started ok – just gathering at the whetherspoons on Corn St. Then a small discussion on where to go we decided on Baja on the harbour front which used to be Evolution. Earlier on it was a bit chavvy – playing mostly rnb kinda music that I cant and wont dance to.
However, started playing some, not necessarily good, but acceptable in a club dance music after a bit and we all had a bit of a dance – yes even me. After being in the club for a while – my confidence grown and my feeling that I was totally out of place lost, I danced around for ages. I wasnt even that drunk. I only needed a few to get me going.
It ended up being fun – AND I got a lift home with Sara who doesnt drink and owns a car. Hee hee. Saves getting (waiting for) a taxi.

Got the train back to plymouth this afternoon. Dad’s busy building the roof of our kitchen extension and mum’s car radiator is leaking so he said he’d pay the £25 for a single train ticket.
The train was packed. Not sure who it was really but there seemed to be loads and loads of liverpudlian young guys, several of them with ‘British Navy’ sweatshits on. I reckoned that they were all Navy guys as loads of them got off at Plymouth.
And when did the public stop knowing the meaning of the word quiet? Cus it was so packed I ended up in the quiet coach down the end. However not very quiet as big groups of guys behind me who were talking and a neurotic mother with young kid and a baby that didnt seem to wanna shut up.

However I read my book and managed to stay sane. It’s a bit weird being back ere but I’ve gotta settle into it again. The only thing I really dont wanna do is exercise but I dont have a choice. We have a big rowing race next weekend in Nottingham so we’re going up for the weekend but after 3 weeks off, I’m a little unfit and we all need some intense training before friday, plus I have to get the last report in by wednesday and start revising – exams start 4th may.

Anyway I’ll stop rambling now.

You know when…

…you’re in a fairly neutral mood, fairly happy but not really in any sort of mood. I’m in one of those.
However the problem something, even the tiniest thing pushes you over the edge in one direction or the other. Hence my mood has been up and down all day.
I’ve been tryin to stay out of the house for most of the day because of the builders in our house. I took my bike and have basically been cycling about – went up to ashton court for a bit – full of dog walkers, bought sarnie and a magazine in asda – thats full of chavs, young mothers and old people. Sat for a while on Brunel wateveritscalled – grassy bit by the flyover and read a book, then cycled round the docks and came back home.
Fairly boring but some drivers are so annoying to cyclists. I was just crossing over a road and pushin my bike having just come out of the park and this guy coming along the road couldnt be bothered to wait till I’d walked round a parked car to the pavement and decided to accelerate past me causing me to leg it out of the way. pfff

Now settling down to watch.. um…snooker at the mo. No I aint really a snooker fan – shhh.

Hello and evening all

Just created this site. I’ll be updating it over the next few days and putting lots of pictures etc on here.
Hope you enjoy.

My current blog is here if you fancy reading it.