You know when…

…you’re in a fairly neutral mood, fairly happy but not really in any sort of mood. I’m in one of those.
However the problem something, even the tiniest thing pushes you over the edge in one direction or the other. Hence my mood has been up and down all day.
I’ve been tryin to stay out of the house for most of the day because of the builders in our house. I took my bike and have basically been cycling about – went up to ashton court for a bit – full of dog walkers, bought sarnie and a magazine in asda – thats full of chavs, young mothers and old people. Sat for a while on Brunel wateveritscalled – grassy bit by the flyover and read a book, then cycled round the docks and came back home.
Fairly boring but some drivers are so annoying to cyclists. I was just crossing over a road and pushin my bike having just come out of the park and this guy coming along the road couldnt be bothered to wait till I’d walked round a parked car to the pavement and decided to accelerate past me causing me to leg it out of the way. pfff

Now settling down to watch.. um…snooker at the mo. No I aint really a snooker fan – shhh.


4 responses to “You know when…

  1. Hey! Nice looking site! WordPress is cool huh?

  2. Yeh tis good innit. Not sure how to get my pics down the side working tho.

  3. No idea as I don’t use flickr! Although this site: might help, that’s the site of the people that made the theme you’re using.

  4. OK thanx I’ll have a look.

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