Work – getting there!

Had an 8 (ish) page report to do by wednesday. We're getting there. Been doing it since 10.30 or summat this morning and got a fair amount done. The results are so confusing tho. Everyone we've spoken to seems to have different results and they were saved from the experiment in a different way. WTF?

We think we might have it right cus the numbers are in the right places and kinda make sense. Not entirely sure which t-test to use tho so if anyone knows? Actually the likeliood of anyone knowing what I'm talkin about are pretty slim.

Hopefully I'll get a good nights sleep tonight. Havent had one for ages. It's that kinda disturbed sleep, you go to sleep late, wake up late, and still feel like you havent been properly rested when you wake up. I think its caused by watchin a dvd late at night and going to sleep with it still on. Hence I wake up and turn it off, go back to sleep, and wake up at other times in the night, trying to work out what time I've gotta be up, how long left to sleep. I was up fairly early this morning so I might be able to get myself to go to sleep at a reasonable time and stay asleep till 9.30 tomorrow. Fingers Crossed


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