Monthly Archives: May 2006

All done

All my exams for this year done. The last one was this morning and it wasnt too bad. I didnt write enough for one of the short essay questions but frankly I didnt know any of them and didnt care what the process was for schizophrenia in rats.
Hopefully I would have passed that module by doing well in the other exam but fingers crossed. I dont wanna have to do it again
I hate that module

What is tyrosine hydroxylase and catecholamine anyway?

Dont believe this….

Found this on another blog. It’s quite interesting. Altho I find it’s telling you that you shouldnt listen to what others tell you, dont always believe what you hear etc. But surely if you go by this then you are doing the opposite of what it’s saying.

‘Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it.

Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations.

Do not believe in anything because it is spoken and rumored by many.

Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books.

Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders.

after observation and analysis,
when you find anything that agrees with reason,
and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all,
then accept it and live up to it.’

Are we changing Planet Earth?

I’m watching this program on BBC1 now with good old David Attenborough.

There are obviously strong views on this. Obviously we are changing the earth but are we doing so much that had it not been for humans, the climate would have been a lot different today?

From evidence of ice ages and investigation into what the earth was like millions of years ago, the temperature has gone up and down only by a few degrees each time. At the moment its only about 4 degrees higher than it was in the last ice age but it’s causing glaciers and polar ice caps to melt and sea levels to rise.
I think that as much as humans try to change lifestyle or blame this on the human race, the earth naturally changes temperture now and again (ie every few millions years), therefore we cant do anything to stop it and we shouldnt.

Is it really monday?

It really doesnt feel like monday, It’s probly cus I’ve been doing revision all weekend.
One left now – had the cognitive exam this morning. It went ok on the grand scale of things. Did quite a lot of revision and so the short answer questions were a doddle (touch wood).

Went to the union after that and hung out with the girls. Esther’s now done her exams and the a few of us only have one exam left so we got a bottle of champagne. Ok it wasnt a lot of money – in the union they are selling bottles of fairly cheap chabbly for £5. One bottle between 4 of us seemed to go mostly to me as they didnt like it much. It was fine with me – it just tasted like fizzy white wine to me.
Managed to have 3 glasses and came home in a merry mood. Finished off a pot of pringles and fell asleep for the last hour.

Just woken up – god I’m sleepy. Not looking forward to the last exam or revision cus it’s a horrible topic but I just wanna pass it. Cant wait till I’m done.


Are mac trying to make them look like pc's?

Mac Computer's are beautiful piece of equipment. Especially the white ibooks. 

But why do this? It looks too much like a PC and dont look nearly as nice. The Black ipods are ok but not computers – sorry.  

And another one gone, another one gone…

Another exam done. This one went really good I think. For my standards anyway. developmental and social – social wasnt too brill but i didnt go over it enough. Developmental was good – mainly cus it’s my favourite topic and I did loads of it for a level and most of what I learnt then is still there.

Had a cuppa tea with jess in town and then went shoppin for a bit. I need to stop spending money on pointless stuff. Ok not expensive stuff but I went into Whittard and bought a couple of things going cheap cus they came with easter eggs in them. And a lil tin bucket thing with chocolate in too, spose it was pointless but gives me summat to put plants in when it’s empty.

Life is…

Anyone seen that teaching advert thingy? Where the kids are all asking question?

How about the question – Is life all set out ahead of us or is it all just random decisions?

Bloody good question – I kind of wrote an A grade a level essay on the debate between free will and determinism. I think that like most things in psychology and indeed life, it’s a mixture of both.
The main question is what exactly is free will? In psychology we learn that how we behave and what we do in life and out decision are affected by either our genes and biology or the environment (nature nurture). So does that say that there is no such thing as free will? Because if something effects out decision it’s not just free will.

On the other hand – if free will is normal decisions which are affected by someone else, then determined behaviour is when we are controlled by someone else and have no decision in the behaviour.

So is life pre-determined already? – my answer is no. But I wouldnt say it’s all random decisions as what is random? We decide to do things or behave in a certain way based on our knowledge and the environment and our genes.

Anyway thoughts please?