Exercise is good for us…

Ok so I havent really done much exercise lately. I’ve been having issues with the rowing club – which I dont want to go into. Been pretty much lazing about for the last kinda 4 days ish.
It’s been pretty hot and sunny for the last few days and so I’ve been for a few walks just to get out in it for a bit.

I was starting to get a bit lonely and emotional yesterday. It’s kinda quite isolated sometimes – everyone in my house has their own things to do and its not like living with family where you do things together most of the time.
I also have been having sleep problems. Most of the time I cant get to sleep easily until 2, sometimes 2.30 am. I have very disturbed sleep where I keep waking up in the middle of a dream and then going back to sleep. Hence I wake up around 11 am and dont feel rested at all. I seemed to sleep a little better last nite. I went to bed earlier than usual after having a chat about it with lovely friends of mine. Had a glass of milk and went to bed with my ‘sleepy’ playlist on. Managed to fall asleep fairly quickly but still a bit unrelaxed all night. Woke up about 10am.

So basically I needed some exercise. Hopefully I’m doing the race for life in a couple of weeks in Bristol so need to be able to run for about half an hour for that. Today I managed 8 minutes non-stop – then stopped for about 2 minutes and then another 8 minutes. The stop bit was only stop running but I was walking fast for that time until I got my breath and then started again. I’m quite pleased with that. I mite be able to do the same route 2moro non-stop. We’ll see.


One response to “Exercise is good for us…

  1. I bought myself one of those ocean waves sound CDs in Brum last week, works wonders getting to sleep.
    The glass of milk is definatley a good plan too.

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