Did My Run

In 19 minutes. Pretty much without stopping but I had to at one point to cross embankment road. Maybe I’ll choose a slightly earlier time 2moro to avoid rush-hour or I could be there for a long time.

Quite pleased with the run – felt comfortable pretty much all the way apart from the fact that I had a stitch. It was a minor one so I managed to run it off, but coming back this way, the last 5 minutes were hard due the agonising pain in my side. Mite go a bit further 2moro – if I can across Embankment Road that is.


3 responses to “Did My Run

  1. I did my long run over the weekend and then woke up feeling 75 and spent the rest of the day hobbling about whinging to P. Needless to say she had done a 2 hr 30 run barely without breaking a sweat and she lacked the sympathy I obviously richly deserved.

    Do you get the “endorphin” high that runners always claim they experience. Unless it feels exactly like pain in the knees I can’t claim that I have.

  2. Ok 2 hr 30 is a bit much for me. And the trick is to stretch down properly for at least 10 minutes after you stop. And not to over do it or do more than you really physically can.

    Yeh I do get that high. When you’re running along and thinking. It makes me feel relaxed and quite happy even tho it hurts.

  3. If you want to avoid stopping to cross roads, then you can kind of jog in place while you wait. It’s not as cardio-rific as actually running, but it helps keep your rythm. 🙂

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