One down… four to go!

Had first exam earlier. Went better than expected. I thought it was going to be harder than that. I got half way through and was thinking ‘where are all the hard questions?’. Most people I’ve spoken to found it fairly straight forward as well – that many people cant be wrong can they? Hopefully I’ll do ok – I want around 60%.

Running – did 22 mins. Not quite a good yesterday but 1 – I had a 2 hour exam today, and 2 – I missed lunch so didnt have much energy. Apart from that it went ok.

It’s a pity about the weather tho. It was so hot and humid this morning, and clouds started coming over but still warm, when we came out of the exam it had gone a lil bit chilly and then started raining and been wet and rainy since then. It’s not as easy to run in the rain – altho it’s nice to cool you down I spose.


One response to “One down… four to go!

  1. Hope the results are good! Need to be careful with exams, they like to try catch you out…

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