Early mornings..

Had an exam at 9.30 this morning so I had to get up at normal people’s time for once instead of around 11.30. Hence I’ve been up since 7.50 and I dont even feel tired.
I forget how long days really are when you have a whole one.
Did the exam, and then walked back thru town – went shopping with Jess, went food shopping, walked back to Jess’ flat, then walked back here – still only made it 1.00.
Made some lunch, did a load of washing up, then swept outside the back door and cleaned around the recycling boxes, then swept all the fag ends and bits of crap up from the garden (yard), did some weeding and generally tidied it up a bit, swept all the steps up from the back door.
Then came in, mopped the kitchen floor, cleaned up around the kitchen. Came upstairs – chilling for a bit whilst talking to my mother. Watched eggheads, made tea, ate tea, and since been looking (drooling) over pictures of David Tennant on the net.

You can get a hell of a lot done when you have the time. I mite try waking up early 2moro morning. If its sunny go for a walk down along the embankment by the water – it’s so beautiful down there first thing but I’m usually rowing so dont take it all in.
Then I can be back and watch cheesy morning telly and maybe tidy the upstairs.

Oh and start some more revision.

Ta ta for now


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