Good god it’s warm

for May. I hope this doesnt meant it’s gonna be a heatwave from now till June and then as soon as Uni students break up for the summer it goes cold and miserable.

Just been up the road to the shop, just in a t-shirt and not-too-hot jeans and I’m sweating all over. It’s soo humid and practically hot and sunny.

I hope I havent spoken too soon – it’s nice anyway.


3 responses to “Good god it’s warm

  1. Nope after a gorgeous few days it started chucking it down here.

  2. we had the thunder and the rain down here after a gorgeous sunny mornin and afternoon. Always the way. It doesnt last long 😦 x

  3. nah it doesnt last. It clouded over a bit here but it seems like it was the only place it didnt rain. hee hee

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