Life is…

Anyone seen that teaching advert thingy? Where the kids are all asking question?

How about the question – Is life all set out ahead of us or is it all just random decisions?

Bloody good question – I kind of wrote an A grade a level essay on the debate between free will and determinism. I think that like most things in psychology and indeed life, it’s a mixture of both.
The main question is what exactly is free will? In psychology we learn that how we behave and what we do in life and out decision are affected by either our genes and biology or the environment (nature nurture). So does that say that there is no such thing as free will? Because if something effects out decision it’s not just free will.

On the other hand – if free will is normal decisions which are affected by someone else, then determined behaviour is when we are controlled by someone else and have no decision in the behaviour.

So is life pre-determined already? – my answer is no. But I wouldnt say it’s all random decisions as what is random? We decide to do things or behave in a certain way based on our knowledge and the environment and our genes.

Anyway thoughts please?


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