Is it really monday?

It really doesnt feel like monday, It’s probly cus I’ve been doing revision all weekend.
One left now – had the cognitive exam this morning. It went ok on the grand scale of things. Did quite a lot of revision and so the short answer questions were a doddle (touch wood).

Went to the union after that and hung out with the girls. Esther’s now done her exams and the a few of us only have one exam left so we got a bottle of champagne. Ok it wasnt a lot of money – in the union they are selling bottles of fairly cheap chabbly for £5. One bottle between 4 of us seemed to go mostly to me as they didnt like it much. It was fine with me – it just tasted like fizzy white wine to me.
Managed to have 3 glasses and came home in a merry mood. Finished off a pot of pringles and fell asleep for the last hour.

Just woken up – god I’m sleepy. Not looking forward to the last exam or revision cus it’s a horrible topic but I just wanna pass it. Cant wait till I’m done.


2 responses to “Is it really monday?

  1. Good luck Mooch!

  2. That’s cheap drink! Wish One Stop sold cheap drink…
    Hope you do well for your exam results, all the best!

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