Are we changing Planet Earth?

I’m watching this program on BBC1 now with good old David Attenborough.

There are obviously strong views on this. Obviously we are changing the earth but are we doing so much that had it not been for humans, the climate would have been a lot different today?

From evidence of ice ages and investigation into what the earth was like millions of years ago, the temperature has gone up and down only by a few degrees each time. At the moment its only about 4 degrees higher than it was in the last ice age but it’s causing glaciers and polar ice caps to melt and sea levels to rise.
I think that as much as humans try to change lifestyle or blame this on the human race, the earth naturally changes temperture now and again (ie every few millions years), therefore we cant do anything to stop it and we shouldnt.


One response to “Are we changing Planet Earth?

  1. I agree—to some extent. Geologically speaking, we really are just finishing up with the last ice age. The planet is definitely warming up, but one one knows if it would still be warming up had we not been around to pump it full of greenhouse gasses. One interesting claim that I have seen environmentalists make recently is that there is “no longer any debate about global warming; it’s definitely happening.” The point they miss with that statement is exactly what you’re talking about: just because we observe an effect does not mean we were the cause. Correlation does not imply causation. All that having been said, there isn’t any reason to believe that we aren’t the cause. There is a good chance that the earth would not have warmed as quickly as it has without the rapid build-up of modern industry. I think my position is that I don’t understand the situation well enough to be making claims in either direction.

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