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Been feeling sort of empty today. I dunno what it is. Spose female hormones have a part in it. I’m sick of my family a bit. Me and my sis dont get along much and I dont have much to say to her even when she isnt getting on my nerves.
Parents – well they’re too bothered about what colour to paint their bedroom or whether I’ve got a job or why dont I go to bla-de-bla place.
Also on such a high sat nite, had a wonderful night and my two best mates were there. Since then it’s been a bit of a low. I’ve got nothing to look forward to.
I’d rather hang out with them but not in the mood for saying anything. It’s just more comfortable with my friends.
I’m also rubbish at showing my real feelings especially when I’m upset or down about something. I just seem to ignore it and then I feel just like I want to have a good cry and a hug with someone I love but they’re not there.

ok – feelings out

How’s everyone else?


lol.. Gig was amazing last night. So loud you could hear some of it quite clearly 3 miles away in Knowle apparently.
He did all his well known songs – Life is a rollercoaster, Lovin each day etc. And Brown eyed girl which hes done on a few tours and always goes down a storm – even with all the oldies and the dads. hee hee.

He did some tracks from the new album which were AMAZING!! Obviously aint seen them performed live yet. A track called So easy loving you, and one called Friends in Time were just wow.
Oh and some old boyzone faves – Father and Son which always gets the crowd singing along. It was amazing.
Got me crying at the enf with The Long Goodbye which he usually finishes on. Good end of gig song which makes it easier cus I’m always in tears cus I really dread the eng of gigs.

Anyway I might stop nattering now. If you’re really a fan you can discuss it with me on MSN or his official message board.

Ronan Keating

I’m going to see Ronan Keating at Ashton Gate football stadium this evening. OMG I’m so unbelievably excited. I’m a huuuuuuge ronan fan (since like the boyzaone years – yeh I loved them too)
I’ve had fantasies for years about him coming to play there. Bristol doesnt really have a proper big music venue. There’s the academy – little place, Colston Hall – lil city hall kinda place, or Bristol City football ground at Ashton Gate which Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, The Rolling Stones have played in years gone by, and later this week The Who are playing there. It’s a pity I’m not going to that one.

It’s also so brill cus I dont end up getting a parent with a car or a train to some other place to see him or missing out. He’s in my home town!! Down the road!!!

Anyway I’ll check in after the gig with a lil review – not that half the people who might read this blog are interested but pfff. And most Ronan fans tend to be women or a certain age. Altho there are a fair amount of teens/20 somethings too. Be prepared for lots of ‘OMG’ and ‘I LOVE HIM’!


Heard on the news last night that Top of the pops is being axed. Couldnt resist a ‘yes’ but it is a long running music programme and one of the first music programmes and brought joy to many people. Here’s a nice article from the Guardian website.

Top of the Pops: the end
By Julia Day / Television 05:01pm
It’s the end of an institution: come the summer Top of the Pops will be no more. The essential cultural touch-point for British youth of the 60s, 70s and 80s, the show’s relevance declined as MTV arrived, heralding the end of an era when half an hour on BBC1 was the only place you could see what your favourite pop stars looked like.

TOTP, recording Radio 1’s Top 20 and learning lyrics from Smash Hits by rote were the only means by which I could tell there was life outside of Northampton in the 70s.

For some – my Dad, for example – TOTP’s allure had more to do with the promise of a baffling but comely dance interpretation from Pans People or Hot Gossip.

But, for me, TOTP was never the same when, in 1996, it changed from a Thursday evening showing to Friday. Thursday seemed to hold the promise of the weekend ahead, whereas by Friday at 7pm I was already one cider into it. I was admittedly, almost 30 by then, so perhaps it was time to give up TOTP.

My interest in TOTP waned, and so did that of many other pop-pickers. By the time it was shunted over to Sundays on BBC2, half its viewers had been lost. And now TOTP has given us up. Nobody really cares anymore but its legend will live on.

And now my review….

I didnt watch it when TOTP was put on fridays instead of thursdays and that was obviously a change for some people. I hated it when it was put on a sunday night instead of friday and on BBC2. Trying and failing to appeal to a slightly older audience I think.

For me it was crucial friday night viewing in the days where most of the stuff in the charts was really good music and you would no doubt get good live performances from most people on the show. Lately it has definately gone down hill and chart music is very mediocre in my opinion. I boycotted it when they had their last ‘revamp’ and only watched it if there was something very unmissble.

However TOTP has become less exclusive now and there are so many music shows on of the same type that it probably wont be missed.

I say live on Tonight… With Jools Holland

New Picture

New Painting

We've been looking for a piece of art or something to go in the breakfast room on the wall. It's my dad's birthday soon and so my mum bought this as his birthday present from John Lewis.

I think it's a pretty nice painting. It's so peaceful and calm but also kind of mysterious.

There was also a wonderful sunset this evening. It's been cloudy all day but the clouds cleared a bit and the sun came out from underneath them before it went down behind the Cabot Tower casting this wonderful orange light through the window.

Excuse the artisticness – I'm in an arty farty mood now.

Football – well We've been wanting Tunisia to do well. My sister gets a prize if they win cus they all have a different team to support in her tutor group at school. However they lost to Spain just now 3-1 so now out of the cup. England tomorrow – we need a win against Sweden to top the group – and cus I think we should win.

I feel quite sorry for Trinidad and Tobago tho. I hope they win their game against Paraguay cus they've got so excited about being in the world cup and playing against these top teams, and actually they are a pretty good team. They should at least score a goal as they havent done that yet.

As long as Brazil or Argentina dont win I dont really care tho.

There is nothing on tv tonight. I may be forced to watch a dvd that I'm sick of. Actually there are a fair amount that we have recently bought that I havent watched yet. I'll have a flick through them.

I like this…

Nice to see some healthy competition without the yobbery

Sunset tonight

I've taken pictures of the sunset tonight from my new kitchen roof. It really is the nicest place to watch the sun go down. I also took some pictures of the moon in the other direction which was nearly full tonight. 

I've put the pictures on Flickr so you should see them down the side —->. Feel free to check em out. I'm quite pleased with them.

Other news – Been lying in the sun reading for quite a lot of the day. Getting more brown yay. I dont tan that much really. Some bits like my face and arms go quite brown but my legs dont. It looks bizarre.

Should be watching the first England match tomorrow. It's really annoying cus all my mates are in work tomorrow when it's on so I'll be watchin it alone. My mum hates football so she'll probably go out.

I need a party too. 

Oh and 15 days till I see Ronan Keating!! So excited. I'm a huge fan by the way if you didnt know that before. He's coming to Bristol finally.