Long Time No Blogging

Havent blogged for a while so thought I would now.
Got home last saturday – it’s nice to be back even if the house is a bit mad. We’re having a kitchen extension thing on the back of the house. It seems like it’s been goin on for aaaages now. They are nearly finished now – just the light fittings, radiator, plus the downstairs loo to fit and finish plastering round the doors and windows. It’s also got a flat roof which is handy to climb out of the bathroom window and (friends-esque) and sit up there. Also it’s the last bit of the garden which gets sun so you can watch the sun go down.
I’ll post a picture when I can get a good one of the view from the roof.

Havent really got much else to blog about. Havent been up to much since I got home.
Saw the Da Vinci Code last nite. It’s pretty good really. I’m not into all this hype around it being blasphemous or all the ideas are wrong. It’s a good story, pretty gripping book, that’s all I usually want from a fiction book.
Anyway the film is good as far as films go. So much is missed out from the book that is a lot of detail and long conversations that arent really needed but do tell you a lot. If you have that stuff in the film tho people will get bored. Also the ending of the film is slightly different from the book and there are a few things in a different order.

There’s me saying I didnt have much to blog about – Once I get writing I could keep going but most of it wouldnt make sense.
Off down the pub tonight – traditional thursday thing now. Should be fun – we might go round the corner to the Tap and Barrel which has just opened again.

Other things – HAPPY JUNE EVERYONE. And it’s finally hot and sunny summer weather.


One response to “Long Time No Blogging

  1. hello
    U r missin a word there VIKKIE. That wud make every1 wanna read it and reply. I thought i saw the word which is now im replyin but was disappointed. I wanna c that film so wud it b worth me goin? I am so tired at the moment got in at like half 3 yawn yawn but o well. I will get on a little hype after ive had summat 2 eat and started off headin towards the pub in a bit. Shudnt b 2 bad this evenin but not many ppl i do believe r turnin up. U, me and harrison and little un and that may b it. Not many at all but still the good ppl so thats the main thing. How r u? Dunno why im typin i hav typed what i wanted to say and now am yabberin jst 2 give myself summat 2 type about and summat 2 do.
    anyway this is now startin 2 hurt my eyes so im gonna do sum chilin i think
    bye bye 4 now
    c ya jst after 7 incase i forget 2 remind u not that u need remindin since its normally me who does
    lol i had sum 17 yr old kiddie online try and chat me up lol ill tell ya bout it later
    Vikkie / Miss Bell

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