Hot again

It’s hot and sunny again today. Not as hot as yesterday – bit cooler with a few clouds but I aint complaining. I’m trying to get a tan before Jess gets back from Greece and shows off hers.

Been fiddling around with the digital camera this morning. Took a load of pictures of various things in my pond, in my garden, my cat etc. I’ve uploaded some nice pics onto Flickr (—->) if anyone fancies checking them out. I’m quite proud of my picture of the pondskater – it came out beautifully.
It’s that summer weekend feeling here. Out in the garden doing jobs and lazing about really. Dad’s tiling the new roof, Mum’s gone to the garden centre and is planting stuff and younger sister is doing coursework.
My parents and sister go back to work/school tomorrow so I’ve gotta find a job and actually not laze about all day. Pfff – I do need a job tho.

Yay repeat of Doctor Who tonight (ok I’m a DW geek) – missed it last nite cus I was down the pub. We (me and various friends) wanted to do something new and interesting but we couldnt think of anything and we werent all free till later so the plan was to meet down the pub and think of somewhere to go but we ended up staying in the pub and playing cards. Nice night despite that.
We do need a new pub or somewhere to hang out that’s a bit more interesting, less chavvy, and somewhere to go in the summer with an outside. If anyone else lives in Bristol, give me ur ideas.


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