Sunset tonight

I've taken pictures of the sunset tonight from my new kitchen roof. It really is the nicest place to watch the sun go down. I also took some pictures of the moon in the other direction which was nearly full tonight. 

I've put the pictures on Flickr so you should see them down the side —->. Feel free to check em out. I'm quite pleased with them.

Other news – Been lying in the sun reading for quite a lot of the day. Getting more brown yay. I dont tan that much really. Some bits like my face and arms go quite brown but my legs dont. It looks bizarre.

Should be watching the first England match tomorrow. It's really annoying cus all my mates are in work tomorrow when it's on so I'll be watchin it alone. My mum hates football so she'll probably go out.

I need a party too. 

Oh and 15 days till I see Ronan Keating!! So excited. I'm a huge fan by the way if you didnt know that before. He's coming to Bristol finally.  


2 responses to “Sunset tonight

  1. I love sunsets, I took a few when I was in wales, might put some on my blog in the next few days.

  2. OOh nice. I need to go more different places to add to my picture collection.

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