New Picture

New Painting

We've been looking for a piece of art or something to go in the breakfast room on the wall. It's my dad's birthday soon and so my mum bought this as his birthday present from John Lewis.

I think it's a pretty nice painting. It's so peaceful and calm but also kind of mysterious.

There was also a wonderful sunset this evening. It's been cloudy all day but the clouds cleared a bit and the sun came out from underneath them before it went down behind the Cabot Tower casting this wonderful orange light through the window.

Excuse the artisticness – I'm in an arty farty mood now.

Football – well We've been wanting Tunisia to do well. My sister gets a prize if they win cus they all have a different team to support in her tutor group at school. However they lost to Spain just now 3-1 so now out of the cup. England tomorrow – we need a win against Sweden to top the group – and cus I think we should win.

I feel quite sorry for Trinidad and Tobago tho. I hope they win their game against Paraguay cus they've got so excited about being in the world cup and playing against these top teams, and actually they are a pretty good team. They should at least score a goal as they havent done that yet.

As long as Brazil or Argentina dont win I dont really care tho.

There is nothing on tv tonight. I may be forced to watch a dvd that I'm sick of. Actually there are a fair amount that we have recently bought that I havent watched yet. I'll have a flick through them.


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