lol.. Gig was amazing last night. So loud you could hear some of it quite clearly 3 miles away in Knowle apparently.
He did all his well known songs – Life is a rollercoaster, Lovin each day etc. And Brown eyed girl which hes done on a few tours and always goes down a storm – even with all the oldies and the dads. hee hee.

He did some tracks from the new album which were AMAZING!! Obviously aint seen them performed live yet. A track called So easy loving you, and one called Friends in Time were just wow.
Oh and some old boyzone faves – Father and Son which always gets the crowd singing along. It was amazing.
Got me crying at the enf with The Long Goodbye which he usually finishes on. Good end of gig song which makes it easier cus I’m always in tears cus I really dread the eng of gigs.

Anyway I might stop nattering now. If you’re really a fan you can discuss it with me on MSN or his official message board.


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