Been feeling sort of empty today. I dunno what it is. Spose female hormones have a part in it. I’m sick of my family a bit. Me and my sis dont get along much and I dont have much to say to her even when she isnt getting on my nerves.
Parents – well they’re too bothered about what colour to paint their bedroom or whether I’ve got a job or why dont I go to bla-de-bla place.
Also on such a high sat nite, had a wonderful night and my two best mates were there. Since then it’s been a bit of a low. I’ve got nothing to look forward to.
I’d rather hang out with them but not in the mood for saying anything. It’s just more comfortable with my friends.
I’m also rubbish at showing my real feelings especially when I’m upset or down about something. I just seem to ignore it and then I feel just like I want to have a good cry and a hug with someone I love but they’re not there.

ok – feelings out

How’s everyone else?


2 responses to “Emptiness…

  1. I know pretty much what you feel like! So can’t blame female hormones… just life I guess!
    Take care, sure it’ll pass.

  2. Aw hon *HUG* I’m poorly still but I know how you feel. Try spoiling yourself, chocolate, wine, a good film while snuggled up on the sofa with the duvet in your jammies. That usually makes me feel a lot better. Hope things turn around for you chica.

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