So We’re out…

England are out of the world cup. Lost to Portugal on penalties… again.
The moment it went to penalties I was sure that we werent going to make it. But we deserved to win that game and Rooney had a very unfair sending off.
Anyway I dont want to talk about it anymore. I’m just pissed off.

Feeling less empty but I was really looking forward to going down the pub on thurs with the usual crew. However, it didnt turn out to be that good. It was a bit awkward and tense and there were a few problems with certain people who turned up and people getting annoyed and very drunk. I was gonna go out tonight into town but half the people we originally invited arent coming and I cudnt be bothered if it was just going to be about 5 of us.

Havin a BBQ now with my parents. It’s a really nice evening. Unfortunately next door have a lot of friends and family around sitting in their garden and playing in their giant paddling pool thing….rather loudly.
Also some other house further down the road have screaming kids in the garden so it’s not very peaceful.


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