Got my exam results back yesterday. Wasnt really expecting them on time because of the strike and not marking etc. However they came on time.
Opened them, looked over them. done fine. In the module I thought I woud do really well in, I didnt do so well in but I passed. The rest I got pretty much what I expected so I’m pleased with that.

Went rowing on the docks yesterday. A friend of mum’s (and mine a bit) rows there and she recommended it so Ive joined up for 2 months. They have this thing called mixed bag on monday nights which just involves anyone turning up and just having a row with anyone else rather than the usual teams.
I went out in a double scull (2 people with two oars each for you non-rowing people) with Nikki – the person I knew. It was really calm on the docks and going up the Nethem. It had been so hot during the day but it was comfortably warm at 7 in the evening and there was a tiny bit of breeze blowing over the water. Beautiful.
Nice to do some rowing again – took me a while to get my balance and get my hands level but it was fine. I defintely prefer sculling. It’s much less effort for more speed. Even going full pelt, its just easier and nicer to do than rowing. And it can also be relaxing. I want my own scull really but they cost an arm and a leg and therefore I wouldnt be able to row it if I had one.


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