So I’ve been doing this part time job this week. It’s basically a call centre. It’s National Organ Donor week. There have been adverts and bits about it on ITV various local new progs etc. My job is to take calls etc in this company that deals with various campaigns and advertising.
Unfortunately the hours are 12-8.30. It’s very unsociable really.
I dont have to get up early but at 4 in the afternoon you’re only half way thru the day and I dont get home till 9 at night. It means the days go quite quickly tho.
£5.90 an hour isnt too bad tho. It’s not the hardest job in the world even if it does get rather tedious.
Anyway should be going down the pub 2moro. One of the team leaders has hired a pub/bar place for after we finish 2moro nite to go out for drinks and I spose I’ll go to that and then getting the bus straight to bemmie to meet the usual crew in the pub later.

Nothing much else to say as I havent been doing much else lately. Been having some weird dreams lately tho. Funnily enough most of them involve answering phones and people constantly talking to me and stopping sleeping. I did have something to do with a TARDIS in my dream the other night but I think that was to do with watchin the last ep of Dr Who on sunday night.


One response to “Work

  1. those hours aren’t bad, as long as you do get a few evenings off. Working lates seems easier than days strangely.
    And weird dreams are always fun I find lol.

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