All sorts…

Sorry about the title – I couldnt think of anything else to describe what is on my mind.
Anyway – firstly done that job last week – I feel quite proud of myself for doing that for an entire week. Mainly becuase I’m quite shy and I hate talking to people on the phone so it did take a bit of practice. And it was sooooooo dull. Especially in quiet periods when not many calls were coming in. But nearly £300 for the week I think so that isnt too bad.

I now have 2 weeks till I go on hols to devon so I mite try and find something else via Pertemps that is just a week or a few days but quite high pay. My dad also sometimes pays me when they are doing mailshots by getting me to stuff envelopes and put stamps on them. Altho unfortunately I dont think they are doing any in the near future.

I’m also rather bored today. I dont want to do anything but I feel I should be. My best mate is away for the week this week and most of my other mates are working or busy during the day so I cant really do anything with them till the evening.

Last thing for now – I just had to say R.I.P Syd Barrett who died a week last friday. It was something to do with complications from diabetes. Rest in peace Syd Barrett – lost genius.


2 responses to “All sorts…

  1. I’m not a big fan on using the phone either, although usually fine when actually on it unless there’s nothing to talk about lol but if it pays it must be easier!
    Hope you find something, loads of money is always good just before hols.

  2. it is easier when you’re getting money for it lol. At least they are ringing you up and ur not ringing other people. That’s what I hate.

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