Happy Friday

It’s friday!! I dont know why I’m so happy about that as I dont do anything anyway.
Basically it’s good weather – not too hot but hot and sunny so you dont forget it’s summer. Mum and me have been tidying and cleaning etc. Put parentage bedroom back together cus it’s just been decorated so their bed was in the front room. At least now we can have the front room back.
Havin a bbq later with a few family friends coming over plus a couple of hannah’s mates. I invited jess but she’s working dammit. I seem to never have mates over. Altho it’s mainly my choice cus my parents and friends shouldnt really be in the same room together.
Anyway I will be getting drunk tonight. Or trying to with what I can find.

Vik’s back from kyle’s on sunday so some of us are going down the pub for a girly night out thing. Which will be the normal crew minus Harrison. Altho Lisa cant make it cus she working then. Anyway should be good.

That’s all I’ve gotta say.

ttfn and enjoy ur friday


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