Happy Birthday to me…

I’m 20 today. YAY!!

Got Kenwood Junior Smoothie maker. It’s mainly for me to take back to plymouth but I’ve already used it this morning and its fab. Not sure why it’s called a ‘junior’ smoothier maker tho – its quite big.
Got some money from dad and other relative – hoping to buy myself my own camera. Not sure about rich grandma’s measley £20 tho. I’m 20 – at uni and am skint.

Jess is coming over 2nite for food and stuff and then we’re both going out with me usual crew to some pub in weston (quite nice according to some peeps) for a quiz night.

I’ll check in laterz – if I’m not pissed.


One response to “Happy Birthday to me…

  1. Happy birthday!
    Don’t drink too much…until after you win the quiz of course.

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