Had a wonderful night last nite. Was gonna be this quiz but we hadnt realised it started earlier so we missed it but we had a drink in that place and then went to another bar thingy where there was karaoke on. Quite amusing but a bit of a chavvy place, and packed with people dressed up like dogs dinners.
We took loads of pics of us lot in various poses. Quite funny – gonna make a big collage of all the best pics of my lot together for my bedroom wall.

I didnt actually get v drunk – maybe a good thing. I havent mentioned sat nite but basically had a house party with bunch of the usual suspects. However a certain male put a lot of vodka in with other people’s drinks. If I had drank the same amount but not mixed with Smirnoff maybe I would have been fine.
Anyway I woke up early sunday morning and threw up many times. (dw it wasnt v messy). Took me a while to stop feeling sick and I was lying on the sofa with my eyes closed half the morning.
Ah well – the best experience for a 20 year old I spose.

I got some lovely cards and pressies from my friends so thank you you lot. mwah.


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