Monthly Archives: September 2006

New photos

I’ve added some more photos to Flickr from the last few months – they should show up down the side of this page so enjoy.

Are children depressed? Discuss

On the newsnight email a week or so ago there was a small article on this subject. I’m gonna put it on here to make people think about it. It’s a good point – I think the meaning of childhood has changed in recent times.

Is modern life making our children depressed?

A group of more than a hundred top scientists, teachers, childcare experts and even children’s authors have written to the Daily Telegraph saying that it is.

They argue that they need “real food (as opposed to processed ‘junk’), real play (as opposed to sedentary, screen-based entertainment), first-hand experience of the world they live in, and regular interaction with the real life”.

They also say that children are having to cope with too much homework, are forced to grow up too quickly, but yet are too protected from the world.

So are they right? And is it really possible to live a life with children where they only ever climb trees and graze knees, never watch telly and don’t do too much homework? We want to hear what you think. Do the letter writers have a point or are they harking back to a 1950s idyll of childhood that never really existed?

Richard Hammond – on the mend.

I expect everyone’s head about Richard Hammond crashing a jet powered car going at approx 280 mph on wednesday night. I was completely s**t scared and crying when I read that story on thursday morning but doctor’s say he would probably make a full recovery.

News is currently that he’s managed to get up and walk to the loo, and he sat up and has been talking to Jeremy. He’s doing very well. The amount of messages and cards etc for him is unbelievable. I hope he knows he’s this loved.

Anyway hope he continues to get better quickly. He’s got Jeremy to slag off hehe.

Manic Depression

Currently watching a programme about manic/bipolar depression with Stephen Fry. He’s talking about how he coped with it. I didnt know he had it, no-one did but he’s just come out – so to speak – about it and is talking to other people who cope with it etc.
Very interesting but almost depressing lol.

Oh Dear

Superdrug – selling christmas cards for half price.
Sainsburys have a large displau of advert calenders.
What the hell is wrong with the world? The ‘c’ word doesnt enter my vocabulary until around December 20th.

That Mitchell and Webb look…

Little Britain meets Monty Python I think. Quite funny tho – they work well together.

New series of Mock the Week after – that rocks!!

Home? .. tomorrow

Well other home. Going back to plymouth tomorrow. Term starts basically next week but lectures start the week after.
Looking forward to it mostly. Little things like the fact that I miss my mates here like crazy when I’m in plymouth. They’re all mainly busy in bristol but hopefully they’ll come down sometime. Also that I’m a little short on the money side and owe money for various bills. I hate thinking about it. My loan doesnt come thru till I’ve registered in a weeks time. Bloody loans – so much debt. I’ve gotta extend my overdraft too – student account can now have a £1500 overdraft rather than just £1000.

Apart from that It’ll be good to get back to doing work, and see all my mates down there that I havent seen for what feels like an age.
Hopefully the house shud be good next year and wont be too mad. I aint going clubbing several times a week – especially to places that play R n B music. I’ll check in when I get back. Need to get back to the independent mood.

Currently watchin – Dara O’Briaian and Phil Jupitus having a chat.