Driving Tides

I’ve been having a few driving lessons lately. I havent really got round to learning to drive yet. At 6th form I didnt really need to drive and wasnt bothered, then I went to uni and going into my 3rd year at uni now, lots of my friends can drive or are learning to drive so I took the advantage of rich grandma offering to pay for a few. I’ve had 3 lessons and I have really enjoyed them.
Sometimes it’s a bit nerve racking when you come to a busy roundabout and you dunno what to do but I really enjoying just driving around. Did pulling away and pulling in again yesterday – that was a bit annoying cus my left foot kept wanting to come up off the clutch too early. I have the tendency to use the clutch more than I need to but he encouraged me to pull away and ram the gas pedal down – that’s fun.
Hopefully I should have some more at xmas depending on how the student loan is going. I dont wanna leave it too long inbetween cus I’ll have to go back a stage.

Dam useful skill to be able to drive anyway. Once you I’ve passed my test I wanna try and drive our campervan – the idea of going away in it with some mates if wonderful. Maybe Glastonbury next year.

Talking on campervans, we’re going to vanfest 2moro. For those of you who dont know, it’s a massive convention of vw campervans and similar vehicles in the Three Counties Showground in Malvern. It’s full of mad people who collect bits of old van or do them up for a living, showvans, stalls with bits and bobs to put in them/on them. It’s pretty fun.
Gonna get up early and spend the day there 2moro.

Another reason why we’re getting up really early is that in the south west area – not sure about anywhere else – there is a really high tide 2moro morning. At the end of Bristol docks where it meets the river coming out of the cut, there’s is a little lockkeepers cottage thing that has been known to flood on a high tide or bad weather. We (mainly mum) wanna go see how high the tide actually is 2moro on our way.

Anyway that’s it for now. Sorry long entry – rambled a bit there but found once I started I had a lot to say.


2 responses to “Driving Tides

  1. Driving is great, glad you’re enjoying it. Obviously it gets easier, we all did similar things early on.
    The vanfest sounds cool! I’d love to get (a newish) one and do up the inside lovely if I had room/time/money to do it. Maybe in a few years time.

  2. Yeh like it. Need more practice really

    Tis sooo cool. We managed to get a bloody bargain on our van but you can usually get one in fairly good nick for quite cheap or just get a dump one and do it up which is what some people do when they have the time.

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