Are children depressed? Discuss

On the newsnight email a week or so ago there was a small article on this subject. I’m gonna put it on here to make people think about it. It’s a good point – I think the meaning of childhood has changed in recent times.

Is modern life making our children depressed?

A group of more than a hundred top scientists, teachers, childcare experts and even children’s authors have written to the Daily Telegraph saying that it is.

They argue that they need “real food (as opposed to processed ‘junk’), real play (as opposed to sedentary, screen-based entertainment), first-hand experience of the world they live in, and regular interaction with the real life”.

They also say that children are having to cope with too much homework, are forced to grow up too quickly, but yet are too protected from the world.

So are they right? And is it really possible to live a life with children where they only ever climb trees and graze knees, never watch telly and don’t do too much homework? We want to hear what you think. Do the letter writers have a point or are they harking back to a 1950s idyll of childhood that never really existed?


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