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Anyone who mite have left me comments in the last few weeks – I didnt get them. It seems wordpress has been putting them all in spam and I didnt notice. Bah


Ok got lots of things on my mind and I keep worrying about stuff that is pointless. I’m just gonna unload it here a minute.

Firstly – my mates at home. Long story behind it. Some of them are having problems and I’m trying to be there for them and keep them together and keep them both happy but it’s hard when I’m not there and to be honest they should use their brains and sort things out for themselves and see the logic in the situation.

Next – rowing. This is not an important thing to be honest but stuff keeps playing on my mind. I feel under pressure to go to trainin and do good ergos and be able to row properly on the water. I joined the club for the fun side. To be able to relax in my free time and to have a hobby but that’s not what it is anymore.
I’m having very small regrets about not joining the sailing club at the beginning of the year. I’m def gonna join them next year. Last chance really. But it seems like a better club. They do more interesting things – sailing is easier and more fun than rowing for starters and they aint focused just around the committee.

Housemates – some of them arent chipping in with housework and mainly washing up. Me and jess are really the only ones that do anything. Baz is very appreciative of us cleaning the kitchen yesterday and I know he will do some things when he has to.
Rich and Esther however – rarely do any washing up and not properly when they do.
Anyone reading this had any experience of living in a house with other students, managing chores and living together in harmony etc? What did you do?

Money – well I’m a little short of it. Should be ok till xmas. I’m gonna work over the holidays and extend my overdraft so I can have more leeway. There’s that nagging feeling of ‘I need a job” but I dont really have time to manage work and uni work etc.
I’m keeping my ears open for more paid experiments in the psych department cus that’s easy cash. Not a lot but pays for lunch now and again.

I think that’s it. Sorry if I depressed anyone. I just need to sort my head out and relax a bit and then I can get stuff done.

This weekend continued

Ok continuing the story of the weekend – went out sat nite. Started at Roundabout, then Ride then Bac bar – all studenty pubs/bars on the main road. We played on the quiz machine in Roundy – twas quite fun – like being at home.
Had chinese before we went out on sat – just thought I’d mention that too. It was late arriving so it was so worth it when it arrived.
Got up really late again sunday morn. The crew went at about 2pm so we slowly got dressed and stuff and then they left.
Sunday nite – were gonna go to the bar quiz either in roundabout or the union but baz was cooking roast dins and by the time we’d eaten it it was too late so we just went to the union and played pool and had a gossip.

Pics from the weekend can be found at my myspace until I stick em on here.

Got up early this mornin for the visits. For those who don’t know for one of my modules we have to visit a work place – mainly schools or special schools.
Mine is a school for kids with learning disabilities or ADHD etc. It was fun this morn – ive got year 3 (7/8 year olds) but they are the same abilities as mainstream schools. Some kids can hardly recognise their own name, some cant sit still, some are very bright but just cant learn in mainstream schools. Anyway it’s a real eye-opener – should be fun.

I’ll leave it for now. I’m in a bit of a chatty mood but I’ve run out of things to say.

Friends for the weekend

My Brizzle crew – which includes vik, kate, and sara came down to plym this weekend.
Went out last nite – spent a bit of time gettin ready at home and then walked down to reflex. Was a bit dead in there for on a friday night but it got busier and we had a lil dance and a few drinkies. Vik brought down some of those bracelets/necklaces that you snap and they glow so we are responsible for some strange pics.
Then wandered up to the Uni area and went to Roundabout. Had a drink in there and took some more random piccies.
Came home via lots of food places most of which werent open at 1.00 am. Ended up munching some crisps and chattin for a bit and then goin to bed.
This morn – didnt get up v early. More random pics of us doing inventive poses with a pair of edible handcuffs. They were everything but eaten when we’d finished with em.
Went out for breakfast – well brunch by the time we got to whetherspoons. Had an all day breakfast – yum. Then walked round town – was packed – I remember why I dont go shopping on saturdays. Took even more random pics of us trying on hats/wigs/masks in various shops – including toys r us.
We’re probably going out later – cant remember which places are actually good on a saturday night. Hopefully should be fun. The crew are goin back 2moro some time and leaving me ere. I always miss em when I’m here. My mates here are lovely but not quite as close as this lot.

Will stick some pics on Flickr when we’ve finished taking them.

Poetry Day

Apparently it’s poetry day today so I thought I’d share some of my fave poems. Bit of a random selection but here they are

John Masefield – Sea Fever 

Lewis Carroll – Jabberwocky 

Rudyard Kipling – IF

Edward Lear – The Owl And The Pussycat 

Christopher Isherwood – The Common Cormorant 


What ‘being a student’ means to me.

Ok some people have been pissing me off, doubting myself a little bit and not purposely but making me feel uninteresting. Therefore I’m going to write a little brainstorm about what student life means to me and what I want to do with it.

Basically being a student means finding youself, being yourself and enjoying it.
Being laid back about things, living in the moment, doing things you’re interested in even doing things like playing on the net till god knows what time.
Sleeping when you want to sleep.
Being sociable but at the same time being independent and doing things for yourself.
A bit of stress is needed especially when an essay is due but otherwise none.
Wanting to study and do work for your course because that’s what you came here for and because you’re interested in but at the same time dont get too stressed about doing so much work that you’re exhausted and you never have time for anything else.
It’s about the time in your life where you dont necessarily know what you want to do in the future and even if you do, it doesnt matter too much, just live in the moment and enjoy it.

I know it’s not necessarily what it means to everyone but I think acceptance is a key thing. Understanding what others want to do and letting them do it.

I’ll add more when I think of them.

Latest Guy Browning – sorry for delay

The one in this weekend’s paper was good but only just got round to putting it on.

How to…Concetrate

How to … concentrate

Guy Browning
Saturday September 23, 2006

Concentration is good in exams, bad in orange juice. Concentration requires focusing on one thing to the exclusion of all others. It’s like a mental wedding vow.
Meditation is a way of relaxing by concentrating on nothing. Concentrating on one thing stops you worrying about a lot of other nameless things. That’s why hobbies are popular. No one really wants to think about stamps; they just don’t want to think about anything else. Women sometimes wonder why men prefer the tinkering and polishing and cataloguing to the actual doing – it’s because that’s where the absorbing, single-minded concentration happens.

Many people’s lives are devoid of concentration. Modern culture is served up in small, easily digestible chunks that require the attention span of a gnat. But young people can concentrate on computer games for days at a time. It’s often why they need the drugs, just to keep going.
Like sheep, minds tend to wander. Concentration is the sheep dog of the mind. However, sometimes your mind concentrates when you don’t want it to. Maybe you can’t get something out of your head, such as the sneering face of your ex-partner. At times such as this, it’s more difficult to get your mind to wander.

The natural span for concentration is 45 minutes. That’s why half an hour for a TV show seems too short and an hour too long. Sticking out the tongue can aid concentration. This is because you can’t distract yourself with talking, and at the same time other people won’t distract you because you look like an idiot.

Events that concentrate the mind are generally unpleasant things that happen to you. It would probably be better to concentrate your own mind before having it concentrated for you, but only people with a will of iron choose that route.

Most people want more intensity in life. You can get this by picking something that does it for you, for instance skydiving. Or you can get it by concentrating your mind on something and bringing it, and you, to life at the same time. Concentration is an extreme sport: it’s when you become one with the thing you are trying to achieve. It’s a mystical union between desire and desired. That’s why giving somebody your undivided attention is a very powerful and sexy thing to do.