Friends for the weekend

My Brizzle crew – which includes vik, kate, and sara came down to plym this weekend.
Went out last nite – spent a bit of time gettin ready at home and then walked down to reflex. Was a bit dead in there for on a friday night but it got busier and we had a lil dance and a few drinkies. Vik brought down some of those bracelets/necklaces that you snap and they glow so we are responsible for some strange pics.
Then wandered up to the Uni area and went to Roundabout. Had a drink in there and took some more random piccies.
Came home via lots of food places most of which werent open at 1.00 am. Ended up munching some crisps and chattin for a bit and then goin to bed.
This morn – didnt get up v early. More random pics of us doing inventive poses with a pair of edible handcuffs. They were everything but eaten when we’d finished with em.
Went out for breakfast – well brunch by the time we got to whetherspoons. Had an all day breakfast – yum. Then walked round town – was packed – I remember why I dont go shopping on saturdays. Took even more random pics of us trying on hats/wigs/masks in various shops – including toys r us.
We’re probably going out later – cant remember which places are actually good on a saturday night. Hopefully should be fun. The crew are goin back 2moro some time and leaving me ere. I always miss em when I’m here. My mates here are lovely but not quite as close as this lot.

Will stick some pics on Flickr when we’ve finished taking them.


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