This weekend continued

Ok continuing the story of the weekend – went out sat nite. Started at Roundabout, then Ride then Bac bar – all studenty pubs/bars on the main road. We played on the quiz machine in Roundy – twas quite fun – like being at home.
Had chinese before we went out on sat – just thought I’d mention that too. It was late arriving so it was so worth it when it arrived.
Got up really late again sunday morn. The crew went at about 2pm so we slowly got dressed and stuff and then they left.
Sunday nite – were gonna go to the bar quiz either in roundabout or the union but baz was cooking roast dins and by the time we’d eaten it it was too late so we just went to the union and played pool and had a gossip.

Pics from the weekend can be found at my myspace until I stick em on here.

Got up early this mornin for the visits. For those who don’t know for one of my modules we have to visit a work place – mainly schools or special schools.
Mine is a school for kids with learning disabilities or ADHD etc. It was fun this morn – ive got year 3 (7/8 year olds) but they are the same abilities as mainstream schools. Some kids can hardly recognise their own name, some cant sit still, some are very bright but just cant learn in mainstream schools. Anyway it’s a real eye-opener – should be fun.

I’ll leave it for now. I’m in a bit of a chatty mood but I’ve run out of things to say.


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