Ok got lots of things on my mind and I keep worrying about stuff that is pointless. I’m just gonna unload it here a minute.

Firstly – my mates at home. Long story behind it. Some of them are having problems and I’m trying to be there for them and keep them together and keep them both happy but it’s hard when I’m not there and to be honest they should use their brains and sort things out for themselves and see the logic in the situation.

Next – rowing. This is not an important thing to be honest but stuff keeps playing on my mind. I feel under pressure to go to trainin and do good ergos and be able to row properly on the water. I joined the club for the fun side. To be able to relax in my free time and to have a hobby but that’s not what it is anymore.
I’m having very small regrets about not joining the sailing club at the beginning of the year. I’m def gonna join them next year. Last chance really. But it seems like a better club. They do more interesting things – sailing is easier and more fun than rowing for starters and they aint focused just around the committee.

Housemates – some of them arent chipping in with housework and mainly washing up. Me and jess are really the only ones that do anything. Baz is very appreciative of us cleaning the kitchen yesterday and I know he will do some things when he has to.
Rich and Esther however – rarely do any washing up and not properly when they do.
Anyone reading this had any experience of living in a house with other students, managing chores and living together in harmony etc? What did you do?

Money – well I’m a little short of it. Should be ok till xmas. I’m gonna work over the holidays and extend my overdraft so I can have more leeway. There’s that nagging feeling of ‘I need a job” but I dont really have time to manage work and uni work etc.
I’m keeping my ears open for more paid experiments in the psych department cus that’s easy cash. Not a lot but pays for lunch now and again.

I think that’s it. Sorry if I depressed anyone. I just need to sort my head out and relax a bit and then I can get stuff done.


4 responses to “Stress!!

  1. Hey just a random comment, dont know you too well, never used this site before either, but all seems cool beans =D

  2. Right here is aunty vikkie tho im useless at advice since i hav so much crap on my brain atm i cant sort out. Ur mates at home who im sure r wonderful wonderful ppl r jst silly and u no that! They jst get on each others nerves sumtimes and let their strss out on each other. But all is sorted now im sure between them πŸ™‚
    Do u still enjoy rowin? ohh sailin club. U neva mentioned that 2 me. I feel left out not knowin. How is rowin since u went 2 trainin 2nite? well u said u were ealier unless u were jst sayin that and instead went out with a fit bloke πŸ™‚ wudnt that hav been a good way 2 spend ur evenin than online talkin 2 me and rich!
    I dont live with housemates so cant help and me and ma r finally talkin after like a week of full blown rows which happen more than twice a day and last over an hour at times and she wonders where i get my rowin side from. She is like my practice. Hmmm. Love my mum really when she is bein nice.
    Xmas? Ur thinkin of xmas already? Ur as bad as rich!
    U neva depressed me as i was already down 😦 not as much as usual tho πŸ™‚
    love ya loads xxxxxxxxx

  3. It was a long comment my dear. Yeh mates are weird. Glad everything is ok tho.
    I sorta enjoy rowing. Training was good last nite but indoor training is boring a lot of the time. But outdoor training is a pain cus uve got to rely on others too much and we often dont get on. I havent mentioned it to anyone. It was just an urge to do something else that I like which is less work.
    Talkin to you is a good evenin yeh. Funny convos.
    I like living with people my own age its good. It makes you appreciate your parents a lot more and I get on so well with them when I dont spend all the time with them. U gotta love em anyway. They are parents. U cudnt live with em, U cudnt live without them.
    xmas – bollox. I need money tho.
    I dont mean to depreess u. U are free to unload ur worries onto me.

  4. i wud b here all evenin if i unloaded my worried on u. Just seems when u think things r gettin btter, something else happens that puts u bk where u started.
    Talkin bout xmas (since u started it) what do u want? Any suggestions already or am i gonna do wot i normally do and wonder round the shops till i find summat random?
    Things r gettin worse with the whole gang so in a way u r lucky u aint in Bristol atm. The thursday pub night has been cancelled as ppl dont wanna turn up cuz all that seems 2 happen is ppl argue and thats it. No fun anymore. Hopefully tho with time it will get bk 2 how it use 2. But when ur bk we will go down and make its a good evenin.
    Any reason y trainin was good last night or jst was and u dont need a reason and im jst yabberin on? U can tell me 2 shut up. Its all good. Im singing and dancin along 2 u cant hurry love while typin this. I am glad no one can c me i must look rather special. How come u often dont get on at the outdoor trainin?
    Funny convos make the evenin go faster and makes ya smile. Wot more cud u ask 4? If u come up with summat let me no. Thank u.
    Yeah i love mummy and daddy bell. Bless em. I give em a lot of hassle.
    Dunno whether i hav anythin else 2 add but if i do then ill post another comment

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