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We had a rowing club social last night. We are not known for our socials cus we dont tend to have a lot of them but it was a good laugh.
It was essentially a 3 legged pub crawl. Met at Hannah’s with a few other girls first and had a drink or several.
Met the rest of the club at roundabout. Had a drink there and the paired up and got taped together. My luck really – I’m not very tall. I’m probly one of the smallest girls in the club. Steve is one of the biggest guys. I somehow ended up getting taped to him. We looked interesting I tell you.

He bought me a pint of guinness. I could probly get into drinking guinness more as it is quite nice but not by the pint. Once you’ve had a pint of guinness there isnt room for anything else.

Anyway from roundabout we had a race up the road to the fresher and professor (typical student pubs around there). Me and steve managed to win it – not drunk enough to fall overtoo much. However because we won it, we were bought a shot by the losers. I dunno what was in it but I wasnt sure I could keep it down for a minute. That set me over the threshold a bit.

After a bit we moved on to Cuba (another bar about 20 meters away). I assumed we were walking this time but no no.. steve wanted to run and win it again. Bit more drunk now and our steps got out of synch and I tripped over the curb into the gutter bringing Steve down with me. The tape broke but Steve wasnt defeated and decided to pick me up over his shoulder and carry me to cuba running. And no we didnt win.

However it was this fall that I think caused to me to have a bruised ankle bone this morning which I had no feeling in last nite.
After drink in Cuba – onto the student union. Few drinks in and people started taking the sellotape off and splitting up. I ended up sittin chatting to James for aaages. We were both hammered and decided we didnt want to go to c103 (club on union st) so sat until we got kicked out of the union. It closed about half 12 I think – weird.

Anyway walked away from the uni and crossed the road and ended up standing chatting to James for about an hour on the corner by Cuba. After a while I decided it was cold and we went in separate directions. Didnt get much sleep last nite. Mainly cus I was really cold for ages and then really hot, and felt sick a few times but wasnt. And after I got home and sobered up a bit my ankle started really hurting me. I was hoping I hadnt broken anything cus I really want to race in exeter next weekend. It’s quite painful to walk on this morning but hopefully it’s only small. Dam alcohol.

Off to library in a bit.

Poets day!!

Ahh it’s friday. Thank god. It feels like it.

What’s everyone doing this friday afternoon/evening?

Work, work and more work

It’s coursework madness at the moment. It suddenly hit me a week ago that we only have about 3/4 weeks left in which to do all the coursework for this term. My brain just wants to chill out a bit more.

 They structure the course quite badly. We dont have much of a choice when we do the work. We dont get the questions given to us until about half way through the term so we cant start them early.

Bit more moaning – there’s a BUSA qualifying race this weekend in Bristol. I was stuck in 4 – I say stuck, it’s actually pretty good, in stroke position with 2 freshers and was sposed to be Gill in the race but she can’t make it. Ok fair enough but there’s lots of other people who would like to race – some people dont think so as we’re now not racing. Not until maybe Totnes anyway.

I’m not in a bad mood at all – just knackered, but I’m finding it really hard to write about something positive. Things keep popping into my head last thing at night and I find by the next day, they have gone again and I just want to moan about my workload.

I should be getting on with it now – I felt I needed an unload first to clear my mind.

Deep breath – case study report here I come.

Rowing record

Well – only on a rowing machine.
Tonight at training I did 4k on the rowing machine in my fastest time yet – 18 min 14 secs.
My record before that was 18 mins 22 sec. Believe me, in rowing that’s a lot of difference.

Other things – got some work done today. It hit me a few days ago how little of term we have left. I’ve got quite a bit of work to do that’s due in just before christmas. Some things are due first week back after christmas but I’m acting as tho I have to have them done by christmas cus over the hols I want to be earning money and relaxing.

Gonna watch UK music Hall of Fame now. Hopefully it should be pretty good.

Hope you all have a good evening.


Blog searches.

I’m intrigued as to what people are searching to get to this page.
Here’s a little story.

Today I was walking down the street when I bumped into Britney Spears, who is currently getting a divorce from Kevin Federline. God knows why – I cant say I give a dam.
I hope she goes to prison. Or gets put somewhere in Iraq. Any suicide bomber would look after her.
As for music at the moment I am quite enjoying The X-factor, and a particular song called ‘Put Your Hands Up” and strictly come dancing.
Also watchin Celebrity scissorhands raising money for Children In Need. I hear Nikki from Big Brother paid a visit – yeh.. cus she does actually look like a hairdresser. I’m betting on Scott Mills or Rowetta to win it.

Ok hope you enjoyed. You dont know how long that took me to write as I looked it all up. I havent a clue otherwise.

Other things – went home for the weekend for Auntie Ju’s wedding. Was a good laugh. Got rather drunk on saturday. Nice to see various family members I havent see for aaages.
Got back last nite cus I had to get up for the Visits this morning. Went quite well. I’m getting used to the kids more now. They do need keepig an eye on but it’s definitely fun. More fun than lectures tho.
Havent got much to write about right now. I have lots of ideas and thoughts that I want to put into words but I’m not sure how to right now so I’ll leave at that.


Went up to the Firework display on the Hoe last night. Was spectacular as usual. I always enjoy watching fireworks. We were pretty close underneath them. Great finale as well.

However, was discussing with housemate this morning it’s so crazy the amount of money that went into a 15 minute firework display. Most big rockets cost hundreds or possibly thousands of pounds. A whole display could cost up to about 60 grand.

It’s scary when there’s people in the world that have never heeard of a firework and barely have enough to eat and here we are spending vast amounts of money on some exploding gun powder that bursts makes pretty colours and patterns.

And the many fairground attractions there as well – don’t even get me started.

Jaffa Cake – cake or biscuit?

Well this question annoyed me so I did an experiment. – Purely scientific of course.
Now biscuits generally go soft when they’re left exposed or when they’re old. Cakes go hard.

Based on this assumption I left a jaffa cake in the back of the cupboard – for approx 2 weeks. It took its time. Got it out this morning – the cakey bit has gone hard.

Conclusion – a cake.