Cant think of a title

Yes inventive title I know. I thought I’d just update what I’d been up to in the past week or so.
Last weekend – went to Salcombe with my parents. Well I got the bus there from here and they drove down from Bristol. I got there earlier than they did so I went for a little walk up the high street and back and then watched the telly.
On sat went for a really long walk with mum and dad. Come to think of it it wasnt that far but it took a long time. Weather was good too. We got back late afternoon and lazed about a bit.
Ate at Captain Flint’s – best restaurant in the world – on sat nite. I cant find a link so if you’re interested google it.
Anyway that was lush, watched telly till late sat nite and went to bed. Sunday – me and dad went and got our dinghy from the boatyard up the estuary and rowed it down to outside the house.
Once everyone was up and we decided what we were going to do, dad made a picnic, took it over to the beach. Walked up the side of the estaury up to the other end – ate picnic, walked back.
Mum and dad kindly volunteered to drive me back to plymouth so we left about 8.00. Got back to plym about 8.45 I think.
Now I have reading week this week for my course which means no lectures etc to go to while we catch up with work and background reading. However we still have to go to the school placement.

Got up first thing monday morning expecting to go to the school, got the bus up there. Walking into the school, the headmaster came out and apologised as it was an inset day. We hadnt be told so it wasnt our fault. Other’s had made the same mistake.
Sod’s law really – I didnt have to do anything else so really I could have stayed in Salcombe at least another day cus my parents were leaving till tuesday. Anyway I’m over it now. At least I can have a lie-in.

Went out for a bit on tuesday nite for Halloween. I didnt really have anything to wear and it isnt worth the effort buying a costume for just one night. However, there were some good costumes and interesting characters in The Roundabout and the Student Union. Some of the girls headed down to Varsity but I cudnt be arsed so came home and finished getting pissed on a cheap alcopop thing that Kate brought down.

Apart from that – just been trying to get on with my practical report. Gettin along ok but have no motivation cus I hate practical reports. Better than last year – only one this term so It’s not due till december. Been doin some notes for my case study next week too. One week is not very long tho.

Anyway that’s about it. Not very exciting entry but just tidying up a little. I cant seem to find anything much to talk about other than what I had for breakfast etc. I need some inspiration.

TTFN darlinks


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