KFC – Krap For Children

Ok dodgy title but I cant think of anything else.
This is the latest KFC asvert – for a family feast/bucket, whatever it is. Where the kid is having food and gives her crusts to her teddy and then her egg-white to her teddy, but surprisingly the teddy doesnt like fast food when the family sit down and eat it.

This advert makes me want to scream.
Firstly – it’s showing lazy adults who have kids who are a bit fussy with food ‘looks here’s some food which they will eat, but it now’.
Secondly attracting kids to it cus there’s a toy teddy thingy in it – therefore they like it more.
Thirdly – kids will become more fussy and only want fast food they see on telly, or pictures of burgers/buckets of chicken. Buy some real food!!

I prefer the latest Bovril advert – kids talking about sitting down with their family at the end of the day, eating a proper meal together and having a nice conversation. Much better image for kids dont you think?

Basically fast food just annoys me generally. Jamie Oliver is my hero when he did his ‘Jamie’s School Dinners’. When kids are given some decent food, they did enjoy it. How can people want to market crap processed food to people – especially kids.


3 responses to “KFC – Krap For Children

  1. I agree, I’ve cut out fast food considerably this year. I’d rather eat something tasty and fresh.
    Shame I have very little time to actually cook proper meals for myself, that’s my next wish.

  2. Argh – I absolutely agree. Have you seen the other KFC advert on at the moment? It makes me snarl and throw things. Synopsis: Family day out. Little boy asks “are we there yet?”. Lots of shots of the family doing fun things (outings, zoo, playing, biking etc) every time the (miserable and bored) kid asks “are we there yet?” Finally they are at KFC. Kid runs joyfully out of the car, happy to finally be “there”.
    Message: Don’t make your poor kids take exercise and interact with the family. Just let them eat deep-fried mechanically reclaimed crap. They’ll be much happier.

  3. Yep I hate that advert too. Get a life. Dont get excited about going out for fast food.

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