Jaffa Cake – cake or biscuit?

Well this question annoyed me so I did an experiment. – Purely scientific of course.
Now biscuits generally go soft when they’re left exposed or when they’re old. Cakes go hard.

Based on this assumption I left a jaffa cake in the back of the cupboard – for approx 2 weeks. It took its time. Got it out this morning – the cakey bit has gone hard.

Conclusion – a cake.


3 responses to “Jaffa Cake – cake or biscuit?

  1. Definitely cake. Besides, is it not a sponge that’s under the choccy?!

  2. is jaffa cake the flavor of jaffas or does it actually contain jaffas? we don’t have jaffas here but i do so adore them!

  3. I think the name jaffa cake comes from jaffa oranges which make the flavour of the orangey bit.

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