Went up to the Firework display on the Hoe last night. Was spectacular as usual. I always enjoy watching fireworks. We were pretty close underneath them. Great finale as well.

However, was discussing with housemate this morning it’s so crazy the amount of money that went into a 15 minute firework display. Most big rockets cost hundreds or possibly thousands of pounds. A whole display could cost up to about 60 grand.

It’s scary when there’s people in the world that have never heeard of a firework and barely have enough to eat and here we are spending vast amounts of money on some exploding gun powder that bursts makes pretty colours and patterns.

And the many fairground attractions there as well – don’t even get me started.


2 responses to “Fireworks

  1. This is what I call the Assisi Problem. Since you know any donation will save a life what things should you spend money on? Can you justify that newspaper? That beer? Those shoes? Your education? Are any of them worth more than another person’s life?

  2. Good question. I think things that work out for the better – e.g education, essentials. However do we really need more than one pair of shoes??? more than someone needs food, clean water, a house.

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