Blog searches.

I’m intrigued as to what people are searching to get to this page.
Here’s a little story.

Today I was walking down the street when I bumped into Britney Spears, who is currently getting a divorce from Kevin Federline. God knows why – I cant say I give a dam.
I hope she goes to prison. Or gets put somewhere in Iraq. Any suicide bomber would look after her.
As for music at the moment I am quite enjoying The X-factor, and a particular song called ‘Put Your Hands Up” and strictly come dancing.
Also watchin Celebrity scissorhands raising money for Children In Need. I hear Nikki from Big Brother paid a visit – yeh.. cus she does actually look like a hairdresser. I’m betting on Scott Mills or Rowetta to win it.

Ok hope you enjoyed. You dont know how long that took me to write as I looked it all up. I havent a clue otherwise.

Other things – went home for the weekend for Auntie Ju’s wedding. Was a good laugh. Got rather drunk on saturday. Nice to see various family members I havent see for aaages.
Got back last nite cus I had to get up for the Visits this morning. Went quite well. I’m getting used to the kids more now. They do need keepig an eye on but it’s definitely fun. More fun than lectures tho.
Havent got much to write about right now. I have lots of ideas and thoughts that I want to put into words but I’m not sure how to right now so I’ll leave at that.


5 responses to “Blog searches.

  1. I did something like that ages ago. And it worked. lol

  2. Is it lawful to pump into Britney Spears?

  3. Ooops. Only just noticed that.
    I wouldnt have thought so. It shud be punishable by hanging.

  4. A great post. Just thought I’d have a look on your blog…

    Ta for all your comments on the old Stuff nonsense,


  5. Lol.. thanks Steve. I was just adding a load of nonsense to see if anyone was looking for it.

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