Work, work and more work

It’s coursework madness at the moment. It suddenly hit me a week ago that we only have about 3/4 weeks left in which to do all the coursework for this term. My brain just wants to chill out a bit more.

 They structure the course quite badly. We dont have much of a choice when we do the work. We dont get the questions given to us until about half way through the term so we cant start them early.

Bit more moaning – there’s a BUSA qualifying race this weekend in Bristol. I was stuck in 4 – I say stuck, it’s actually pretty good, in stroke position with 2 freshers and was sposed to be Gill in the race but she can’t make it. Ok fair enough but there’s lots of other people who would like to race – some people dont think so as we’re now not racing. Not until maybe Totnes anyway.

I’m not in a bad mood at all – just knackered, but I’m finding it really hard to write about something positive. Things keep popping into my head last thing at night and I find by the next day, they have gone again and I just want to moan about my workload.

I should be getting on with it now – I felt I needed an unload first to clear my mind.

Deep breath – case study report here I come.


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