We had a rowing club social last night. We are not known for our socials cus we dont tend to have a lot of them but it was a good laugh.
It was essentially a 3 legged pub crawl. Met at Hannah’s with a few other girls first and had a drink or several.
Met the rest of the club at roundabout. Had a drink there and the paired up and got taped together. My luck really – I’m not very tall. I’m probly one of the smallest girls in the club. Steve is one of the biggest guys. I somehow ended up getting taped to him. We looked interesting I tell you.

He bought me a pint of guinness. I could probly get into drinking guinness more as it is quite nice but not by the pint. Once you’ve had a pint of guinness there isnt room for anything else.

Anyway from roundabout we had a race up the road to the fresher and professor (typical student pubs around there). Me and steve managed to win it – not drunk enough to fall overtoo much. However because we won it, we were bought a shot by the losers. I dunno what was in it but I wasnt sure I could keep it down for a minute. That set me over the threshold a bit.

After a bit we moved on to Cuba (another bar about 20 meters away). I assumed we were walking this time but no no.. steve wanted to run and win it again. Bit more drunk now and our steps got out of synch and I tripped over the curb into the gutter bringing Steve down with me. The tape broke but Steve wasnt defeated and decided to pick me up over his shoulder and carry me to cuba running. And no we didnt win.

However it was this fall that I think caused to me to have a bruised ankle bone this morning which I had no feeling in last nite.
After drink in Cuba – onto the student union. Few drinks in and people started taking the sellotape off and splitting up. I ended up sittin chatting to James for aaages. We were both hammered and decided we didnt want to go to c103 (club on union st) so sat until we got kicked out of the union. It closed about half 12 I think – weird.

Anyway walked away from the uni and crossed the road and ended up standing chatting to James for about an hour on the corner by Cuba. After a while I decided it was cold and we went in separate directions. Didnt get much sleep last nite. Mainly cus I was really cold for ages and then really hot, and felt sick a few times but wasnt. And after I got home and sobered up a bit my ankle started really hurting me. I was hoping I hadnt broken anything cus I really want to race in exeter next weekend. It’s quite painful to walk on this morning but hopefully it’s only small. Dam alcohol.

Off to library in a bit.


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