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..for another year.
Had various relative round yesterday for some nosh – was not too bad actually. Little bit boring but they come bearing gifts of money or chocolate so cant complain.
Went for a short walk with Granny today – went up to Sea Wall on the Downs and walked along the front, looked down the gorge and then walked back again. Exciting stuff…

We’re going away to Cornwall next week for 3 days and coming back New Year’s Eve. Should be a nice break – as long as lil sis agrees to come and enjoys it. We’re definately not leaving her here.

Dont have much else to write really. Just thought I’d update.
Hope everyone had a good christmas by the way. I havent felt very christmassy this year. I feel that for the last 4 years or so we have done exactly the same thing every year and it’s getting to the stage where I can just do it without having to put any effort in.
We always have the nice christmas traditions since we were children but there’s all the other stuff that has to be done that we need a break from.

The Choir Revisited

Just watched the last ep of the choir. What can I say – bloody amazing.
They sounded so beautiful when they sang in the competition. I’m so surprised they didnt get into the next round because they deserved it then. It’s amazing what a bit of motivation and passion can do for a bunch of teenagers.

Gareth Malone is such a sweetie. He did an amazing job to get them to accomplish that. He is soooooo cuuute too.
The end of the prog had me in tears just cus it was moving to see such a change in these kids and a love for each other and what they had done.

Clear and Crisp

It’s like that here this morning. It was like that yesterday morning too.
Our christmas tree is currently on the Patio outside the door. We’ve put some outdoor fairy lights on it and some of the coloured baubles. It looks rather nice. The lights are on a timer so they come on at 5.00.
The sky is beautiful blue and it’s quite chilly but calm. – Wintery day.
Here’s some pictures of the tree and the view over the back.



Looking forward to decorating the rest of the house with leaves and stuff now.

Christmas Hols start here…

Ok well officially they start on friday, and technically they started two days ago.. but I was just being pedantic.
Anyway – it’s the last week of term. No lectures in the last week so I’m now on holiday and going home to my other house later. Train is about half 1 which leaves me a bit of time.

Had a lovely few days with my housemates. The christmas ball was on sunday night – we were originally going to all go but some people are lacking in money and werent really up for it. However Jess and her b/f Luke went – they looked so cute when they were all dressed up together.
The rest of us in the house – plus a couple of extras who had popped round had a nice roast on sunday night made by Barry. Ended up watchin Love Actually.

For christmas pressies we put money together and bought two big tins of choccies. They are nearly gone now but saves us all buying loads of tat that we dont really want.

Last night we had a house christmas dinner. Jess didnt participate cus she wasnt hungry and was quite tired but she did make some pretty snowflakes for the front room windows.
The rest of us sort of all pitched in and made dinner and then sat and ate it and chatted. Pudding – mince pies with cream.
Was a nice evening – we ended up listenin to music from my laptop thru Barrys portable speakers in the kitchen. (various oldies inclu Lionel Richie, Abba, and The Conga!)
Ended up watchin dvd’s of Only Fools and Horses in the front room before going to bed.

Woke up too early this mornin – cant wait to get on the train.. actually cant wait to get off the train in Brizzle. I miss my cats.. and my parents..sort of my sister but we tend to get on better when we’re not in the same house.

Anyway – May have to get up and get dressed now.

The Choir

Been watchin The Choir on BBC2. 3 part series which started last week.
I’m quite enjoying it. It’s basically Jamie’s school dinners but with music.

Gareth Malone – public school educated, now working with the London Symphony Choir. Had this bizarre plan to get a choir together to take to the Choir Olympics in China, out of average comprehensive school kids from not the best or richest area in Middlesex.

It’s so interesting how there are quite a few kids who at the first auditions, had pretty good voices but didnt know anything about music and tended to just listen to RnB or whatever was in the pop charts.
It’s quite appalling how little musical education there is in schools nowadays. I sound like an old fogey now, but when I was still at secondary school, our music department was rubbish. Most stuff I’ve learnt about music came from my own interest and open mind. Also my parents of course. It definitely shows in the children, they are lacking in self confidence, they are never asked to use their voices or stand up in front of people. I think kids are never going to learn much and feel confident about themselves with the current national curriculum. It’s not healthy competition or meeting personal targets anymore. Its just exam grades.

There were some kids who did have potential and a few who were a bit..hmm.
But after a few months, they are pretty impressive. Still a long way to go but you didnt think at the beginning of the first show that this group of kids could even get it together to sing in time or all hit the right notes. Looking forward to next weeks show. I’m interested in how far in this competition they get.

Oh and ..Gareth Malone is beautiful. 😉


This is brilliant.

Nature or Nurture??

Ok so to everyone out there who either hasnt got a psychology degree or has not really ever studied the subject here’s a question for you.

What do you think influences our behaviour and the way we think? What makes us who we are?

 Opinions please – I want something from a perspective outside scholars of psychobabble.