Cross off my list..

I can nearly cross my practical report off my work list. I’ve pretty much finished it in the library this afternoon. We’re still waiting for a journal article to arrive as it wasnt in the library as first thought but apart from the info from that to add in, I’ve just got the references to do – which shouldnt take long.

Last time – well maybe second to last visit tomorrow morning. Next week we’re probably going on the tuesday morning to watch their christmas show thingy which they have been practising. I’ll kinda miss all those kiddies – as annoying as they are.
I’m glad we dont have to do it next term tho.. good experience but it does involve quite a lot of effort on a monday morning.

Rowing wise – exeter race next weekend. Should be interesting as we havent had much practice but it’s not a bad course and I’d rather they had the experience of the race even if we dont do that well. Hopefully it will give my lil freshers confidence. I like doing exeter anyway – it’s quite nice course – as long as you have an experienced cox cus there’s a narrow bridge and the river isnt very wide in places.

Anyway – might go play about on the net now.


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