Nature or Nurture??

Ok so to everyone out there who either hasnt got a psychology degree or has not really ever studied the subject here’s a question for you.

What do you think influences our behaviour and the way we think? What makes us who we are?

 Opinions please – I want something from a perspective outside scholars of psychobabble.


2 responses to “Nature or Nurture??

  1. I’m quite far removed from psychology, so I’ll give this a try. I would say there’s no greater influence on behavior than the people we observe and interact with on a daily basis. That leans on the “nurture” side of the spectrum, but it’s more than just how we’re brought up. It’s the friends we admire and respect, the people we see on television, and the characters in the books we read.

    My perception, uneducated as it may be, is that we react positively to those behaviors we admire or respect—attempting to adopt them. Similarly, we react negatively to those behaviors we see as flawed, lead to negative consequences, or otherwise bother us. The result is hopefully that we can learn a lot as a society (provided we have both good and bad examples to observe). We are able to become “better” people, than if we had to operate based on our own past history and innate behavior patterns.

  2. Good answer for someone who is not trained in the art of analysing human behaviour.
    I agree that we are influenced by people around us, tv, books – especially those which we enjoy or admire. Those which we don’t like, we tend to go against. Our parents are also huuuuge influences in our behaviour whether we like it or not.
    Nature I think is just as much of an influence on behaviour but it is not as easy to observe. When we observe patterns in behaviour based on genes, we cant always tell whether it is genes or whether in fact it is still environment.
    Anyway – my views

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