The Choir

Been watchin The Choir on BBC2. 3 part series which started last week.
I’m quite enjoying it. It’s basically Jamie’s school dinners but with music.

Gareth Malone – public school educated, now working with the London Symphony Choir. Had this bizarre plan to get a choir together to take to the Choir Olympics in China, out of average comprehensive school kids from not the best or richest area in Middlesex.

It’s so interesting how there are quite a few kids who at the first auditions, had pretty good voices but didnt know anything about music and tended to just listen to RnB or whatever was in the pop charts.
It’s quite appalling how little musical education there is in schools nowadays. I sound like an old fogey now, but when I was still at secondary school, our music department was rubbish. Most stuff I’ve learnt about music came from my own interest and open mind. Also my parents of course. It definitely shows in the children, they are lacking in self confidence, they are never asked to use their voices or stand up in front of people. I think kids are never going to learn much and feel confident about themselves with the current national curriculum. It’s not healthy competition or meeting personal targets anymore. Its just exam grades.

There were some kids who did have potential and a few who were a bit..hmm.
But after a few months, they are pretty impressive. Still a long way to go but you didnt think at the beginning of the first show that this group of kids could even get it together to sing in time or all hit the right notes. Looking forward to next weeks show. I’m interested in how far in this competition they get.

Oh and ..Gareth Malone is beautiful. 😉


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