Christmas Hols start here…

Ok well officially they start on friday, and technically they started two days ago.. but I was just being pedantic.
Anyway – it’s the last week of term. No lectures in the last week so I’m now on holiday and going home to my other house later. Train is about half 1 which leaves me a bit of time.

Had a lovely few days with my housemates. The christmas ball was on sunday night – we were originally going to all go but some people are lacking in money and werent really up for it. However Jess and her b/f Luke went – they looked so cute when they were all dressed up together.
The rest of us in the house – plus a couple of extras who had popped round had a nice roast on sunday night made by Barry. Ended up watchin Love Actually.

For christmas pressies we put money together and bought two big tins of choccies. They are nearly gone now but saves us all buying loads of tat that we dont really want.

Last night we had a house christmas dinner. Jess didnt participate cus she wasnt hungry and was quite tired but she did make some pretty snowflakes for the front room windows.
The rest of us sort of all pitched in and made dinner and then sat and ate it and chatted. Pudding – mince pies with cream.
Was a nice evening – we ended up listenin to music from my laptop thru Barrys portable speakers in the kitchen. (various oldies inclu Lionel Richie, Abba, and The Conga!)
Ended up watchin dvd’s of Only Fools and Horses in the front room before going to bed.

Woke up too early this mornin – cant wait to get on the train.. actually cant wait to get off the train in Brizzle. I miss my cats.. and my parents..sort of my sister but we tend to get on better when we’re not in the same house.

Anyway – May have to get up and get dressed now.


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