Clear and Crisp

It’s like that here this morning. It was like that yesterday morning too.
Our christmas tree is currently on the Patio outside the door. We’ve put some outdoor fairy lights on it and some of the coloured baubles. It looks rather nice. The lights are on a timer so they come on at 5.00.
The sky is beautiful blue and it’s quite chilly but calm. – Wintery day.
Here’s some pictures of the tree and the view over the back.



Looking forward to decorating the rest of the house with leaves and stuff now.


2 responses to “Clear and Crisp

  1. I’d love to do an outdoor tree but living in a terraced house with nothing growing out front it can’t be done, and anything stood out front will be gone by next morning, guarantee!… Just have to stick with boring window lights for now (timed midday to midnight).

  2. That’s good enough I’d say. I wanted it indoors but we dont really have anywhere to put it cus we have both sofas in the front room now.

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