The Choir Revisited

Just watched the last ep of the choir. What can I say – bloody amazing.
They sounded so beautiful when they sang in the competition. I’m so surprised they didnt get into the next round because they deserved it then. It’s amazing what a bit of motivation and passion can do for a bunch of teenagers.

Gareth Malone is such a sweetie. He did an amazing job to get them to accomplish that. He is soooooo cuuute too.
The end of the prog had me in tears just cus it was moving to see such a change in these kids and a love for each other and what they had done.


2 responses to “The Choir Revisited

  1. Hello. I agree. Thanks for the comment. How did you find my blog?

  2. Searching for stuff to do with this very topic I think. Glad you agree

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