..for another year.
Had various relative round yesterday for some nosh – was not too bad actually. Little bit boring but they come bearing gifts of money or chocolate so cant complain.
Went for a short walk with Granny today – went up to Sea Wall on the Downs and walked along the front, looked down the gorge and then walked back again. Exciting stuff…

We’re going away to Cornwall next week for 3 days and coming back New Year’s Eve. Should be a nice break – as long as lil sis agrees to come and enjoys it. We’re definately not leaving her here.

Dont have much else to write really. Just thought I’d update.
Hope everyone had a good christmas by the way. I havent felt very christmassy this year. I feel that for the last 4 years or so we have done exactly the same thing every year and it’s getting to the stage where I can just do it without having to put any effort in.
We always have the nice christmas traditions since we were children but there’s all the other stuff that has to be done that we need a break from.


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