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Party Party Party

I went to Vikkie’s 21st birthday party last night. In one word it was amazing.
She’s hired out a big room in the top of a social club place in Bedminster. Invited most of the Argos lot, current mates and everything. She also all old mates from school/6th form that we’ve sort of drifted apart from. Most of them came as well. It was great to see Dawn – I worked out I think the last time I saw her was before she went working in Guatemala – around the same time as I started at uni. I also caught up with Kim, Candie, Jodie, Ali, and Lisa. I have been talking to Lisa now and again but we don’t seem to have been free at the same time for ages. It’s difficult when you live in different places and don’t see each other in everyday life.

I’m sure Vik had a great time too. She looked happy to see old mates and was dancing with her bf for a bit. Everyone got up and had a dance at some point. I was dancing away to some cheesy music at times and the same old chart stuff too.
Alex requested Queen on and suddenly it was obvious who the Queen fans were as me, Alex, Lisa, and Kim were the only ones on the dance floor.
The last song the DJ played was I had the time of my life – yeh that one from Dirty dancing. The song, I admit, is pure meaningless cheese but as everyone went onto the dance floor and all grouped together for the last song it felt really good. I think that song will now be meaningful as a reunion of friends, and a tribute to a great party and a great night.

It made me think that fun isnt always something that is always there. People were really relaxed last night and most of them were genuinely happy to have fun and see each other but no-one was trying too hard and I think that’s why it was good. Fun has to be something spontaneous for it to have an effect.

I’m writing this on the train back to Plymouth. I wanted to come back fairly early on Saturday. I’m not a big fan of going home just for a couple of days unless I’m actually going home for a reason. I love seeing my parents and seeing Bristol but sometimes I just sit about waiting for the time to get the train back to Plymouth. It’s different when I’m actually on holiday but I came back for Vikkie’s party, which was Friday night so I might as well go back to Plymouth and get on with things there rather than just sitting about at home.

Thursday Thirteen

Thought I’d do this traditional thursday thirteen things. I’ve decided on

13 wonderful gifts I’ve ever received.

1 – First one I thought of – earlier today two housemates went out for a drive to a nearby beach. Esther brought me back a small shell she’d found. I collect shells and I have millions of them at home but it was quite special and thoughtful to get someone small but nice.

2 – My laptop – well I received around £1000 for my 18th birthday. Even from a grandad which I never speak to so I was able to buy a laptop to take to uni. My pride and joy

3 – A plastic windmill – long time ago but I went to the shops with my mum a long time ago. I was bored and I waited in the car and asked her to buy me a magazine. She couldnt find the one I wanted but bought me one of those plastic child’s windmills that you put in sandcastles. I still have to stuck in the garden at home. Something so simple can be pretty fun.

4 – Teddy – 18th birthday pressie from my best mate. It’s big and fluffy and I love hugging it when I need a hug. And you know how teddies always listen and dont talk back.

5 – TC (Thomas Cat) – Present given to me when I was less than 1 year old. It’s a knitted Tom Cat much alike the Tom and Jerry. It used to go everywhere with me. He was the one of a few cuddly animal/toys that came to uni with me.

6 – Ronan concert tickets – My first time I saw Ronan in Bristol Colston Hall – mum bought me the tickets in July – around 7 months before the gig and they became my birthday present in August.

7 – My bunnies – My old rabbits were a birthday present. I went on and on about having rabbits so we went to collect them. Me and my sis picked one each – Daisy was mine and Dandelion was Hannah’s. I loved them to bits but after a while I think I was the only one looking after them. 2 years ago, they both died within about 2 weeks of each other.

8 – My cats – Strictly I suppose they were gifts. Dad’s friend who owend a farm has a little of kittens and so we ended up with two of them. I’ll never forget the day dad came home with a box saying he had a surprise for us. Opening the box 2 little kittens jumped out. Not long after they were christened Sooty and Sweep.

9 – Post 16 humanities award. A while after I left 6th form, my sis came home at the end of term and said in the last assembly I had got the humanities award for the post 16s. I was like OMG!! I had been in the school for 7 years and I had never won so much as a peanut. I was feeling a bit drained because I worked my socks off for my A levels and wasnt sure about how some of the exams went. I was feeling like a right nerd because most of the 2nd year I was the only one who turned up for half of my lessons. I felt so happy and proud when I was awarded a book token – choose my own book and be presented with it at awards evening.

10 – Champagne – Proper champagne. Got a bottle for my 18th birthday. I was going to drink it on my birthday when I had a load of friends round but ended up falling asleep on the sofa late in the evening due to a v late night the night before. I drank it with parents a few days later and it was lovely.

11 – My parents. Not sure who that’s a gift from but I love them to bits. They brought me up proper.

12 – The love from my friends. Friends are great. Cheesy but when they support you and just chat to you when you need a chat – that’s a great gift.

13 – My blog… um.. just because.

Quote of the day

“We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another.” – Jonathan Swift

Stormy Weather

All these horrific storms, strong winds and people’s houses being blown apart etc is all over the news at the moment so obviously many people are aware of it.
I was debating this issue in the hour break between lectures with Jess.
Really – why are people surprised this is happening? Record worst storms for 17 years etc. Did they really not see it coming. We’re warming up the planet at a rate of knots. I think eventually the human race with eventually end up wiping itself out.

Also we’e not doing a lot to stop the planet warming up or changing the weather conditions. Ok many more places are becoming more ‘green’ and getting into recycling but there should be a law on it. It’s shouldnt be optional to put your plastic in a recycling bag or collection place. So much energy is saved just be re-using plstic milk containers or glass jars.

Another thing – we should make use of all this wind. One wind turbine on the roof of the average factor will keep its power going without using any other electricity. This should be compulsory. It should be the top of the governments agenda – to save on power by using wind turbines, making solar panels or similar for people to use in the houses, using in large offices or schools.

Something I feel quite passionately about is the complete waste of money on ‘new shopping centres, car parks, re-paving city centres’ all this malarkey. Billions could be spent on actually stopping peolpe using at much energy, or not using their cars as much.


Due to demand – here is the recipe (possibly) invented by my lovely mother.
Good way of getting your five portions of fruit or veg.

Recipe for Carrot Soup.

1 medium onion
3 medium potatoes
6 carrots
1 teaspoon of veg stock
2 pints of water (at least)

Cut up all the veg before you start. Keep the bits fairly small as this way it will cook quicker.
Put 2 tablespoons of oil (preferably olive oil) in a pan and heat up a little.
Then put all the veg in together and stir around for a few minutes. Be careful not to let it burn.
Take off the heat, add 2 pints of water and a teaspoon of stock powder and bring to the boil, then reduce the heat and cook gently until everything is soft, about 15 mins. (If you check the potatoes then they will be the last of the veg to be done.)
Then whiz the veg in the liquidiser with a good amount of the liquid each time. If it looks a bit thick you will be able to add more water after the soup is back in the saucepan.

You can make soup out of any vegetables added to potatoes (they thicken it.)
Parsnips, carrots, leeks, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, peppers, spinach, watercress. The last two hardly need any cooking so you put them in right at the end.You can also add frozen peas.



I had a lecture today with a new lecturer. He is the spitting image of Sean Lock.
He didnt sound like him at all. Just thought I’d share that.

Just been shopping and come back. Bought a lot more healthy food than usual. Stayed away from the ready meals. Mum sent me the recipe for the nice veg soup that she makes so bought the ingredients for that – I might make it tomorrow. It makes a big batch so I can freeze it for future use.

I also started one of my new books last night. It’s called Starter For 10 by David Nicholls. I can relate to it so much. It’s set in 1985 with this boy leaving school and going off to university. He has different tastes to a lot of people and isnt one of the ‘popular’ crowd. He’s always been a fan of university challenge and sees a notice about a test to get into a team for it. Also he meets a girl and tries – somewhat badly – to impress her.
If that didnt sound that interesting – well it’s good honest. It depends what you like really.

2nd post..Resolutions

Thought I’d think about my resolutions for this year – like nearly 2 weeks into it already.
My official resolutions this year – lose a bit of weight – I’m not really overweight but I would like to be about half a stone lighter. So I’m starting to cut the huge amount of fat I eat out of my diet. I’m trying to generally eat less – stick to regular size meals a bit more than just eating all the time.
Also been running a few times and going to try and keep fit and exercise regularly – not much of a problem for me really.

Another personal one is to stop biting my nails. It’s a very compulsive habit and I’m sick of biting my nail down as far as it goes without realising I’m doing it. I’m trying to realise when I’m doing it which is mainly in lectures or when I’m bored.

Went into town earlier just for a couple of things and ended up going into Waterstones looking at the sales and managed to buy 4 books.
I was kind of after the new Ben Elton book cus I think he is a great writer and I always get along with his books.
I also managed to find another 2 on the BTGOF stand and then go distracted by a book called ‘Amo, Amas Amat and all that – how to become a Latin lover’. I’ve always been fascinated by languages and origins of them etc so I thought I had to give it a go.

Better start reading then.